Ronaye with member Sylvie and
	Susan at a Wolf Willow construction meeting.

CDC is a full service consulting firm providing development management services, specializing in environmentally and socially sustainable projects of enduring beauty and quality.

CDC provided start-up, project management, marketing administration and community building services for most of the completed cohousing communities in Canada, working with groups from the initial forming stage to move-in. We understand what it takes to support a group to ground their vision in reality and generate the membership and financial resources required to get a project built in a time and cost efficient manner.

Ronaye Matthew is the primary consultant and coordinates the team to provide the services needed to bring a cohousing project to completion. Current team members include Brad Cassidy, Odete Pinho, Kathy McGrenera and Pam Munroe.

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CDC Company Profile

“Initially, one of my concerns was dealing with a large group of homeowners with their individual needs and ideas. This concern was quickly resolved working with the project manager Ronaye Matthew of CDC Cohousing Development Consulting. My respect for Ronaye’s abilities grew as the development progressed. In my 30 years of construction never have I worked with such a well-organized, skillful leader.”

Alan Fletcher, AFC construction
General Contractor for Creekside Commons Cohousing

"I've been meaning to tell you for some time how impressed I am (and have been) with the really steady, well-organized and patient way you've been doing your job for RC Cohousing. I've watched and worked with a lot of managers in my time, and all things considered, I'd classify being a cohousing development manager as one of the most difficult - so I'm thoroughly impressed by the way you manage to keep everything level when we all erupt like a bunch of panicked chickens at regular intervals, not to mention some of the uncalled-for ad hominems - you just feel like a really reliable, good-humored rock in the middle of the rapids. Thank god we hired you for this job. So this is just a quick vote of confidence and thanks for all that."

Founding member, Roberts Creek Cohousing